Lily Hubbard

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Lily Hubbard


Lily Hubbard was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. After moving to Boston to receive her Bachelor of Science for Elementary Education from Boston University, she moved back to Los Angeles where she received a Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction with a focus on Reading Intervention and Dyslexia from Concordia University. 

Ms. Hubbard has a passion for teaching and loves to bring art and creativity into the classroom to promote differentiated learning opportunities for every child. She believes that engagement is key in the learning experience and works to create a classroom environment where students have the tools and desire to think critically, ask questions, and pursue knowledge. With experience from kindergarten to fourth grade, Ms. Hubbard uses her hands-on understanding of the learning progression across grades to guide her younger learners in developing higher level thinking skills and connect them with content and challenges to come, all while having a great deal of fun!

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Hubbard can be found reading at the beach, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or snowboarding in the mountains!