About Us

Our Story

We are a group of educators who have come together around a common set of principles about what a school should be for students and families. During the 2019-2020 school closures, our classrooms were expanded into homes of our students. This experience reaffirmed the lasting impression that hands on learning experiences have on students. It reminded us of the importance that social interaction plays in meaningful learning. It renewed our commitment to providing opportunities for students to work together, grow as collaborators, and build a community. The Sycamore Community School was founded from our passion to deliver excellence to our community!

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Our Mission

Sycamore Community School’s mission is to support the dynamic learning experience of students grades K-8 in a small school environment with a low teacher-student ratio.

Fostering resilient, independent, compassionate, and engaged students is the goal of our program. Students will have many opportunities to collaborate within and across grade levels in and beyond the school campus on a regular basis.  Hands-on learning experiences and robust instructional/curricular resources will be used across grades. Sycamore Community School is a values-based nondenominational school program and one that welcomes students of all faiths. Celebrating the great diversity of Los Angeles is part of the school’s mission.

Los Angeles is an exciting city and one that faces many twenty-first-century challenges. Students will have many opportunities to learn about the diversity, history, geography, environment, and population of the Los Angeles area.  Outdoor adventures, including ones using public transportation, will foster civic pride and a commitment to serving those in need.  Caring for the environment with and beyond school will be an expectation and a priority.

Our school community includes partnerships with and between faculty, staff, parents, students, and neighbors.  Sycamore Community School will be a catalyst in the formation of cohesive and supportive relationships in order to best serve students.  Parent participation and collaboration is key to this process.

Research-based best practices drive our school’s curriculum and approach to instruction and will include setting individual growth goals for students on a regular basis and monitoring those goals to best meet student needs across subjects.

Preparation for high school and support through the application process will be both personal and comprehensive.  Academic preparedness for secondary school and beyond will be fostered across grades as students develop skills and take increasingly more responsibility for their learning as students and leaders.

Our Campus

1229 4th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Adjacent to St. Augustine-by-the-Sea and a short walk from the LA Metro, we are perfectly positioned as the ultimate community school. Check out our instagram @Sycamorecommunityschool to view the diverse opportunities that are just steps away from our school. These opportunities will cater to students being contributors, advocates, and allies for our Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles community. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sycamore Community School welcomes and celebrates students and families from diverse cultural, racial, religious, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds. Sycamore is committed to fostering a community that is a catalyst for a more just society.  Sycamore emphasizes educating the whole person, explicitly examining injustice in an historical and contemporary context, and providing opportunities for social change within the school, local and world communities.  Students will embark on the journey to become agents of change and develop a deep awareness and understanding of the past and present injustices in society.  A dynamic educational program will not only challenge students to critically think about social and economic inequity, but call them to take action towards advocacy for change.

After School Enrichment​

Sycamore Community School offers a wide variety of fun and exciting enrichment programs throughout the school year. Examples of just a few of these programs are Art, Chess, Musical Theatre, Science, Legos, and small group music lessons. The classes will vary depending on the needs and interests of our students and will meet weekly after school. 

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